International Surrogacy Arrangements

International Surrogacy Arrangements by Surrogacy kenya

Surrogacy did serve as the best available option for all the people who either can’t conceive or don’t want to bear a child for their own random reasons. That’s where a Surrogate serve best to their purpose and carries their child for the next 9 months period in return of some monetary compensation form the Intended parents.

Moreover, International Surrogacy is a Surrogacy arrangement where you will find a Surrogate from a different country altogether. The Surrogacy arrangement in this case could be either altruistic or a commercial arrangement. While An Altruistic Surrogacy is an arrangement where the Surrogate mother received monetary compensation from the intended parents in return to her services for all the Medical and legal expenses. Here she will not be making any profits out of the arrangement.

On the other hand, Commercial surrogacy is an arrangement where the Surrogate makes appropriate profits out of the whole Surrogacy arrangement even after covering the Legal and Medical expenses.

Challenges towards International Surrogacy Arrangement

  • The Intended parents might come across various issues while applying for the legal parenthood for their child.
  • The Child hereby won’t be having any Legal parents and thus termed as Stateless
  • It would then include further issues while attaining the Legal parenthood and Immigration process for the child.
  • There could be chance of Criminal Offense where the Surrogate is from another country

While most of the people enter into an Agreement with the Surrogates in the Foreign Territory with lot of expectations, it all depends on the type of Surrogacy agency you will be dealing with in the process.

Why Surrogacy Kenya is Best Surrogacy agency to deal with for International Surrogacy arrangements?

We at Surrogacy Kenya have tied up with a number of Top notch Surrogacy agencies around the world to ensure only the best and already screened surrogates from around the world for your Surrogacy Requirements. We further makes sure that the Surrogates would be sharing the same ethical, moral and social values while fulfilling all the requirements you are looking in your Future child being an Intended Parent.

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