pgs testing clinicPre-implantation Genetic Screening is another reassuring medical technology that is done, as the name suggests, before the implantation of the embryo in the surrogate mother’s womb. We, at Kenya Surrogacy Agency, provide this facility and highly recommend parents to go for this option so as to ensure that only the healthy embryo is implanted, which eventually increases the chances of birth of a healthy child and eliminate the risks of any possible complication during pregnancy.

This is purely a medical test and is one of the best methods that help in assuring the genetic fitness of the embryo.


What is the significance of PGS?

pgs testing infertilityThis is a test that tests for aneuploidy of chromosomes. Aneuploidy is a condition in which the embryo ends up with an incorrect number of chromosomes i.e. more or less than the actual number of chromosomes that are normally present in a human. This can occur due to improper recombination or genetic transfer during fertilization. Aneuploidy can often cause fatal conditions in newborn and individuals with aneuploidy more than often suffer from diseases that either reduce their lifespan drastically or diseases that cause significant mental and physical impairment.

PGS or Pre-implantation Genetic Screening is a test that totally eliminates the risk of aneuploidy. In this test, all the embryos produced via in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in the clinic are screened for aneuploidy before implantation. PGS is different from PGD in the sense that aneuploidy might not be tested for in case of PGD. Also, PGD might not be conducted in case both the parent has no history of genetic disease in their family. Aneuploidy, however, can occur even if there is no family history to it and in case of IVF the chances of aneuploidy increases. Hence, it is extremely important to conduct PGs before implantation of the embryo in surrogate mother’s womb.


PGS Features

  • It analyses all the 24 pairs of chromosomes i.e. all the 48 chromosomes.
  • The procedure takes 12 hours to give results.
  • The test gives accurate and precise results in more than 99% cases.
  • It reduces the miscarriage rates.
  • Increased chances of successful IVF and in turn successful pregnancy rates.
  • Increased chances of having a healthy baby.


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Why Kenya Surrogacy Agency?

One of the primary reasons that couples around the world have developed a trust in our services is that we have a wealth of experience and that too successful experience. We take nothing for granted because there is a lot riding on us including emotions of parents, the money invested by them and the efforts of the surrogate mother.

We do everything to ensure that in the end a healthy child is born giving immeasurable delight to the parents. This is why PGS is also very essential and we highly recommend this to all couples. That is not it.

We at Kenya Surrogacy Agency also have tie-ups with several best in class clinics around the world for tests including PGS. These clinics are well renowned and provide the best testing and treatments. We tie-up with them to ensure that results yielded from tests are highly reliable.

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