Gay Surrogacy

Surrogacy For Gay Couples

We proudly advocate the concept of gay surrogacy and same-sex parents. Our aim is to provide secure, affordable and legal surrogacy solutions for gay couples worldwide.

Unfortunately, gay surrogacy is not legal in every country. Which leads to many broken hearts in the LGBT community. Surrogacy Agency Kenya is right here to make your dreams come true and resolve all the obstacles related to gay surrogacy.

In Kenya, the surrogacy procedure is legal. However, there is no legislation regarding the procedure. Which is why the legal scenarios suit gay couples who intend to become parents. The economy is in the phase of development, which ensures high-quality facilities within your budget. The costs are way lower than what you get in places such as the US and UK. With our assistance, you get a reliable surrogate who agrees to complete the adoption process to remove her name from the birth certificate of the child. And you get to include your name as parents.


Different surrogacy options for gay couples

For gay couples, surrogacy involves an egg donor as well as a surrogate. In many cases, the same person can provide the egg and become the surrogate as well. Traditionally, one person fulfills both the responsibilities. However, there is a type of surrogacy called Gestational Surrogacy, which requires an egg donor and a surrogate separately.

It is possible to request your female friends or a female relative for egg donation. You can also allow your friend or relative to serve as your surrogate. If not possible, we provide a vast number of options available for egg donation and surrogacy. Our team facilitates different kinds of surrogacies and handle the legal aspect of the procedure as well.


1. Artificial Insemination or AI

In this traditionally utilized surrogacy process, the surrogate goes through artificial insemination of sperm. The sperm is collected from an intended father and inseminated into the surrogate.


2. Gestational surrogacy

In this approach, we utilize IVF for complete organization of the process. Experts carefully extract eggs from the ovaries of the selected donor. The extracted eggs meet the sperm in a lab, where a specialist completes the process carefully. This creates the embryo, which gets artificially transferred inside the uterus of your selected surrogate. This is how the pregnancy process gets completed.


How to develop a genetic connection with the baby?

We, at Surrogacy Agency Kenya, assist in arrangements that create a genetic connection between gay parents and the surrogacy child.

We can facilitate separate arrangements for the sperm of each partner in embryo creation. It may give a chance to get twins, who hold genetics of each father and one surrogate mother.

A male partner can ask his sister to provider her eggs or serve as the surrogate. This way, the child gets the genetic traits of both parents.

Getting legal assistance would be a wise move for gay couples in order to get the contracts done and handle other legal requirements.

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