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IVF and Fertility solutions by Surrogacy Kenya

While Infertility has come up as a barrier to the happiness of thousands of couples around the world, their corrupt lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits has made the issue worst with every day passing. Moreover, IVF has come up as the most sought after solution in the past few years to combat the devil of Infertility and the only issues coming in between is the unavailability of a Good IVF center in Kenya and worldwide.

We at Surrogacy Kenya have helped more than 600 couples around the world and assisted them in making their “Dreams of Achieving Parenthood” realized with the help of most advanced IVF techniques and Medical Professionals. We offer a big list of IVF and related treatments which includes ICSI, PGD/PGS, Embryo Scope, Cryopreservation, FET, TESE, Endometrial Coculture, and Assisted Embryo Hatching.


Apart from infertility in men, here other infertility problems for which ICSI is a suitable treatment:

  • Immunological infertility factors
  • Less number of retrieved eggs
  • Fertilization failure during previous IVF cycle
  • Repeated miscarriages during previous cycle
  • Age over 35 years
  • Endometriosis, PCOS or any other problem
  • Unfavorable embryo development in previous cycles



ICSI/IVF Treatment

IVF AgencyICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection includes the injection of spermatozoa straight into the egg to get it developed further. Moreover, the embryos which have been obtained as a result  gets cultivated further for the next three to four days, before it gets transferred to the women’s womb, or gets preserved for future usage with the help of cryopreservation.


PGD/PGS Treatment


PGD: Pre-implantation genetic testing is a process which is used to diagnose certain eggs and/or embryos for any genetic disorders.

PGS: Pre-implantation genetic screening is another very useful procedure which is brought in use to monitor eggs and/or embryos to check them for some chromosome abnormalities. PGS is mostly used in case of older age for the women looking to conceive, Multiple IVF failures in past, recurring miscarriages, or achievement of Pregnancy with some chromosomal issues.



EmbryoScope TLM (Time lapse) is mostly used to check and monitor the development of embryos during the IVF cycles. The process undergoes while locating the embryos with the highest implantation probability along with abnormal development while using continuous TLM culture.



The Oocytes which are retrieved during fertility preservation treatments along with the embryos developed out of in vitro fertilization cycles gets preserved for future use with this process.


FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

This Process includes defrosting of the Embryos which have been cryopreserved and then transferring them into the women’s uterus at the right time during her menstrual cycle.


Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction (micro-TESE)

The sperms are extracted micro surgically from the testicles by using this process. Additionally, if we use this process along with IVF, it can come up as a transforming solution for a number of infertility issues in male coming from the deficiency of sperm (azoospermia) in the semen due to some anatomical obstructions or because of very low/no sperm production.


Endometrial CoCulture

Autologous endometrial coculture (AECC or, simply, coculture) is one of the IVF techniques which get used to usually promote the normal embryo development and ensuring a healthy pregnancy cycle for the women and her child.


Assisted Embryo Hatching

Assisted Embryo hatching also gets used along with the IVF cycle and few days before the embryo transfer. During this process, an embryologist uses a laser to thin the zona pellucida (embryo’s outer shell) and provide better support to the embryo to shack its cell coat and insert (attach to the uterus).

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