Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy Agency in Canada

Surrogacy is a modern era blessing that has changed the lives of millions of couples worldwide and has the potential to change the lives of many more childless couples. It is a medical facility that allows a woman to carry a biologically unrelated child in her womb for another woman, who might or might not be the biological parent of that child, who for some medical reasons isn’t able to carry the child herself. It is one of the many fantastic scientific innovations in medical science and has improved in its success rates over the years.

Surrogacy Agency Kenya is an initiative to make this facility reach more and more couples worldwide at as low costs as possible. This is exactly why we are now in Canada to make this process ever so easy for Canadian couples.

Canadian Laws

Canada has always been the country to embrace revolutionary ideas and concepts and provide its citizens with first class facilities. They haven’t been too far behind when it comes to surrogacy either. They have ensured that the law clearly prohibits commercial surrogacy so that it doesn’t become an exploitative business.

Canadian laws have been strict on surrogacy agencies as well ensuring that none involves in malpractices and in the process have restricted processes like professional surrogate matching and surrogate’s cycle management. However, Surrogacy Agency Kenya, with the support of the legal team has developed procedures to provide the maximum support and facilities possible to the parents and the surrogate mother in their journey. These services are all provided under the rules and regulations of Canada and Surrogacy Agency Kenya is one of the very few agencies in Canada to initiate it.

Surrogacy brings pleasure

The motivation behind our services is that every couple in the world should have the right to feel the priceless pleasure of becoming a parent irrespective of their economic status. This is what drives us to provide services at the minimum price possible and to work with various governments worldwide, despite restrictions to allow the option of surrogacy to reach each and every couple. We are committed to the welfare of all involved in the process.

Our process

Our contributions aren’t limited to initial medical procedures and neither are they limited to help and support during delivery. We cover all legal aspects related to the process of surrogacy and ensure that the Intended Parents are the ones who eventually, legally, become the parents of newborn as well. Further, our support remains consistent throughout the pregnancy period of surrogacy to the extent permitted by the laws.

We simplify

Pregnancy is a very emotional and a full of turmoil phase for the mother carrying the child as well as the intended parents. It is important to ensure a sense of security to both the intended parents and the surrogate mother in the best interest of the baby. This is where we, as an agency, simplify things, keep you unbothered about various things involved so that you can focus on the health of the surrogate mother and the baby and plan his/her future.

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